Digital Pressure Indicator

The Marsh Bellofram digital pressure indicator is a portable, lightweight, handheld testing and calibration instrument, designed to indicate pressures of up to 50 psig at accuracy levels of ±0.25% of reading ±1 count. Design of the digital pressure indicator incorporates a state-of-the-art semiconductor-type pressure transducer which converts pressure input to analog voltage, outputted to a 3-1⁄2 digit LCD readout display. The Digital Pressure Indicator is powered by an internal 9-volt rechargeable battery, with a zero adjustment potentiometer that standardizes the transducer bridge at zero pressure for higher measurement accuracy and repeatability. The Digital Pressure Indicator tests installed instruments and transmitters, verifies operation and settings of valves and switches, detects system leaks, and is otherwise used in many other testing or maintenance applications.



  • Compact, portable and lightweight
  • Indicates pressures up to 50 psig at accuracy levels of ±0.25% of reading ±1 count
  • Converts pressure transducer input to an analog voltage
  • Outputs analog voltage to a 3-1⁄2 digit LCD readout display


  • Calibration of DP cells, I/P’s and P/I’s
  • Verification of valve and switch settings and operation
  • System leak detection
  • Testing of installed instruments and transmitters
  • Instrumentation and equipment maintenance/testing